Welcome to AVC Technology

IT Consultant

I provide advisory services on IT-based systems for education and small business. Perhaps you require clarification on how to use a new IT system or are looking for some specialised knowledge regarding your existing business’s system. No matter the case, AVC Technology is the perfect partner for your business. I am a professional IT consultant that with over 32 years experience and I will help you with achieving your business goals using IT systems. To set up an appointment, please call at 01142 994 031.

An Expert In IT

I can help you troubleshoot technical problems that affect your business and its needs. As an expert in data protection and IT solutions, I always keep myself up to date with the latest regulations to ensure each and every one of my clients is always fully compliant. Whether your company is just starting out or you manage a complex IT infrastructure, I'm here to optimize and troubleshoot your IT services from end to end.

Meet Your Objectives

My goal is to consistently ensure my clients are always satisfied with my consultation and are able to get what they need out of their information technology systems. Allow me to help your business meet its objectives through my IT consultancy, you won't regret it! In order to achieve this, I have made sure that I keep up to date on the latest industry trends, and don't let any major developments in the information technology industry pass me by. I also make it a point to be in regular, informative communication with all of my clients in order to provide the best consultation services to everyone.